Case Studies

Case Study – Retail logistics: LG Harris

When understanding the LG Harris supply chain requirements, Noatum Logistics quickly identified that their buying terms were CIF (cost, insurance, freight) across the majority of their supply base. This prevented shipment visibility for LG Harris until the goods arrived into

Case Study – Personal care logistics

The customer felt its supply chain was working fine. No pain, no need to change! However, having worked with Noatum Logistics in the past, and experienced improved operations, the new leader was willing to let us review the company’s pricing

Case Study – Outdoor retailer logistics

The retailer faced major challenges with days-in-inventory and capacity at its distribution center (DC). Days-in-inventory time continued to increase over the prior five years The single distribution center experienced overly high storage levels, delays with unloading railcars and shipping containers, and an

Case Study – Oil and Gas logistics

The customer suspected they were being overcharged for shipping. They were not using freight forwarders, instead allowing manufacturers to arrange for the ocean-freight shipping of the oilfield equipment from China to Canada. Cargo was shipped using fixed load plans with

Case Study – Mining logistics

An initial assignment was for the movement of Autoclave and Flash Vessel pieces from their manufacturing plant, located 30 miles inland from the Shanghai port, to the mining project 90 miles east of Lima, Peru. The equipment pieces were over

Case Study – High Tech logistics

With a significant segment of the semiconductor wafer foundry base moving to Asia, our customer decided to relocate operations closer to their end user. Our customer opened an equipment integration facility in Singapore near their customer who provides wafer fabrication

Case Study – Pharma&Healthcare logistics

Sourcing product from Korea, the customer initially used Noatum Logistics to assist with international freight forwarding and the custom clearance process for shipments to the U.S. As the customer grew their customer base and product offering, it was apparent their outsourced warehouse solution