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Why outsourcing your inventory management makes sense

For businesses that rely on efficient inventory management, warehousing plays a crucial role. However, managing inventory can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. For many businesses, outsourcing inventory management to a third-party logistics provider like Noatum Logistics can offer significant benefits.

Technologies that are transforming warehouses

The overwhelming growth of e-commerce, omnichannel purchasing, the internet of things applied to the supply chain, electronic data interchange, the increasingly necessary coordination of the physical flow with the flow of information throughout the logistics chain means that it is

Noatum Logistics Türkiye celebrates 35 years!

The Noatum Logistics branch in Türkiye celebrates its 35th anniversary, an incredible milestone for both the Group and our colleagues in this country. For the commemoration of this day, we have prepared a short video with the assistance of our people in

Fulfilling in Hong Kong or China

Fulfilling in Hong Kong or China: Your Question We Answer

Just recently, we have been invited to speak at an online panel discussion targeting foreign merchants regarding the setup of cross-border e-commerce business in Asia. Many questions were raised from the attendees during the webinar surrounding whether merchants shall be operating

world class fulfillment service

Key to World-Class Fulfillment Service: A Case Study

There are a lot of different 3rd party logistics partners out there, offering a wide range of supply chain operation and management services. While the prices vary, the quality of their services differ as well. Today, we would like to share

As the high street empties, warehousing booms

COVID’s impact on the UK’s economy and economic activity has been profound and few sectors have been more challenged than retail, with the industry having to adapt rapidly to online shifts in consumer behaviour driven by social-distancing and lockdowns.   In the

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Cargo warehousing and storage solutions

Having one of the world’s largest container ships run aground on one of the world’s major shipping lanes has given us a taste of the perils of modern commerce. The global shipping industry and the internet have enabled just-in-time manufacturing,