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Types of freight transport

Today, several types of freight transport coexist, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Their different characteristics make them more or less suitable for each type of product and shipment. In this article, we explain the functionality of every one of

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal international transport: what is it?

Multimodal transport combines different means of transport to speed up and make the transportation of materials and goods more efficient.   The creation of large terminals or logistics hubs connected by road, rail and sea with the centres of production and consumption

Custom services for Brexit

Brexit Customs services

Are you aware of the changes coming for traders as a result of Brexit?   Following the UK’s exit from the EU, there have been many difficulties for traders with modifications to procedures, during the transition period and now, with the regulations

Railway Advantages

Railway Advantages

Since its emergence in the 19th century, railway transport has been one of the main means of transport for passengers and goods by land. At the time it was revolutionary for the economy and society, and today it is still

market update

September 2021: Market Update

As we head towards the last quarter of 2021, several pressure points and bottlenecks seen through the year show no sign of abating. As a direct consequence, supply chains around the world continue facing a challenging market environment.   Following the extended

Congestion at main Chain airports due to covid

Congestion at main China airports due to covid

UPDATE 08/23/2021 Since last Friday, Auguts 20th, new restrictions are in place in China, particularly affecting exports and imports at the main airports, Shanghai and Beijing. Due to the increasing cases of Covid, new three-week quarantines have been implemented for handling personnel

Characteristics of maritime transportation

Main characteristics of ship freight

Globalisation and the rise of e-commerce has led to an exponential increase in the import and export of goods in recent years, and maritime shipping has become the most in-demand transport method for the international movement of merchandise.   Worldwide, maritime logistics