Temporary Red Sea Shipping Pause

Characteristics of maritime transportation

We would like to inform you regarding the recent security incidents that have significantly impacted the shipping industry in the Red Sea region. Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk have reported attacks on their vessels, prompting a temporary suspension of travel through the Red Sea. MSC, joining the precautionary measures, has redirected its vessels via the Cape of Good Hope.

This decision, prompted by a series of attacks in the region, will affect approximately 40% of global trade handled collectively by MSC, Hapag Lloyd, Maersk, CMA and OOCL, which have all decided to avoid the conflict area until safety is assured and to study alternative routes.

Understanding the potential disruptions this may cause to your logistics operations, we want to assure you that Noatum Logistics is fully equipped to navigate these challenges alongside you.

At Noatum Logistics, we understand the critical nature of these disruptions to your supply chain. Our team is ready to assist you in navigating these challenges, offering alternative routes, advising on transit times, and ensuring your cargo reaches its destination securely with as few inconveniences as possible.

In the coming days, however, we expect major reactive changes in the market:

  1. The duration of the voyage to the Mediterranean and Black Seas will be extended by 15-20 days.
  2. Combined with the Panama Canal congestion and the peak season of the Chinese New Year, freight rates will be pushed to a higher level for a short time and may likely remain higher for the longer term.
  3. To offset the interruption, some of the goods will need to be shipped by air/rail/sea-air, which will increase demand for air/rail freight transport.

Please feel free to contact our dedicated support team for personalised assistance and more information.

Thank you for your trust in Noatum Logistics. We are committed to providing reliable solutions, especially in times of unexpected challenges.