Behind best rate

Behind Best Rate & Price Match: eParcels 101

After we shared a glimpse of our international courier rates on social, we received a lot of private messages to inquire about our eParcels services. Many are interested in continuing the conversation and adopting our services too. With that being said,

Chinese government limits the supply of electricity

The Chinese government has implemented strict control on the use of electricity that will seriously affect the production at many factories in China.   Power rationing and forced cutbacks in factory production are aimed to comply with environmental requirements. The regulations have

Custom services for Brexit

Brexit Customs services

Are you aware of the changes coming for traders as a result of Brexit?   Following the UK’s exit from the EU, there have been many difficulties for traders with modifications to procedures, during the transition period and now, with the regulations

Railway Advantages

Railway Advantages

Since its emergence in the 19th century, railway transport has been one of the main means of transport for passengers and goods by land. At the time it was revolutionary for the economy and society, and today it is still

Airfreight market update

Airfreight update: second half of 2021

The current quarantine regulations for airports implemented by China have reduced airfreight capacity. The new rules affect the largest cargo airports in China such as Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Beijing, while there is a certain increase of volumes due to disruption in

Noatum eSolutions Case study

Crowdfunding Project Fulfilment: A Case Study

From a marvellous idea, a well-received crowdfunding campaign to a successful product development and a timely manufacturing process, they are many obstacles for a product start-up. The least you’d want to think about might be the aftermath, that is handling