Webinar: Trade regulations in USA – 2021

Have you heard about the recent developments on trade and customs Law Enforcement in the US? Kevin Ekstrand, Vice President of Trade Compliance at Noatum Logistics US, will be collaborating with Husch & Blackwell on a webinar June 29th, addressing False

Asking for a Quotation: eParcels 101

Getting an estimated cost directly from the carriers or comparison platforms may be very straight forward. It is not often the same case when you are asking for a quotation from logistics partners. This is also why some people just

Lockdown in Malaysia

Full Lockdown in Malaysia from 1-14 June 2021

The Malaysian Prime Minister has announced a Country Lockdown, resulting in all economic and social activities to be restricted, with the exception of a few economic sectors and services that will be allowed to operate during the total lockdown, under

How to Get a Quote for Courier Service

How to Get a Quote for Courier Service: eParcels 101

If you have simply trusted one carrier for all of your e-commerce shipments, you are missing out a lot! Even to the carriers and their logistics partners like us, it is completely normal for businesses to quote a few courier services

Transport disruptions due to protests in Colombia

Updated 05/06/2021: At this time the shortage of cargo vehicles continues. The situation in Valle del Cauca is critical because the entry and exit routes from the port of Buenaventura to the valley and the interior of the country are still

US Trucker Shortage

U.S. Trucker Shortage

During the past year, there have been numerous disruptions to the flow of commerce in and out of the United States, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest is the impact on truck availability at our nation’s ports. With the

How will brexit affect freight transport

How will Brexit affect freight transport?

Brexit was implemented on January 1. From that moment on, the European Union put the United Kingdom on the third country listing. With regard to Customs, this means that England, Scotland and Wales will receive the same treatment as any