startup solutions

Going beyond logistics: eStartup Solution

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of eCommerce as customers have shifted to shopping online and this behaviour is likely to have lasting effects. While the eCommerce market expands, so does the competition. How to stand out competitively in this

Shanghai port

Congestion in Shanghai port rises to worrying levels

The events of the past couple of years, like the Suez Canal blockage and the quarantined ports of Asia, have affected the regular functioning of supply chains around the world, delaying schedules for loading and unloading cargo, causing a shortage

distribution logistics

Three key goals for successful distribution logistics

Meeting the objectives of logistics is crucial to ensure that the merchandise leaving the manufacturing site arrives on time and in perfect condition to the end customer. Therefore, the importance of logistics lies in the fact that it allows the

How To Make Returns Work For Your Business

How To Make Returns Work For Your Business

Returns form an integral part of the online shopping process. In this article we will review how you can offer returns in the most efficient way for your business. Firstly, let’s explore how having an appropriate returns process in place forms

new logistics technologies

Upscaling your supply chain

Nowadays, companies are looking to the logistics supply chain as a means of differentiation. In this respect, developing a competitive advantage requires optimising distribution logistics to its highest level of performance by digitising processes. For this reason, many technologies have been

Types of freight transport

Today, several types of freight transport coexist, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Their different characteristics make them more or less suitable for each type of product and shipment. In this article, we explain the functionality of every one of

fashion sales

Online fashion sales, set to soar!

The pandemic changed our lives, and caused online fashions sales to slump for the first time in years. However, the market is set to make a comeback and reach $672.71 billion by 2023. We wanted to share what online shoppers are

Russia-Ukraine war

Russia-Ukraine war: Impact on global logistics

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine grows, the operational outlook for logistics operations with these countries has been severely altered. Several countries and the EU have imposed new trade sanctions and export controls against Russia, Belarus and the Ukranian regions