Advantages of road transport

Road Transport: the advantages and disadvantages

At Naotum, we have more than five decades of experience in commercial and freight transport, so we know in detail the advantages and the disadvantages of road transport. Here we give you the keys for you to evaluate and decide

market update

September 2021: Market Update

As we head towards the last quarter of 2021, several pressure points and bottlenecks seen through the year show no sign of abating. As a direct consequence, supply chains around the world continue facing a challenging market environment.   Following the extended

Congestion at main Chain airports due to covid

Congestion at main China airports due to covid

UPDATE 08/23/2021 Since last Friday, Auguts 20th, new restrictions are in place in China, particularly affecting exports and imports at the main airports, Shanghai and Beijing. Due to the increasing cases of Covid, new three-week quarantines have been implemented for handling personnel

FAQs on Quotation

Quotation FAQs: eParcels 101

You may have a lot of questions after receiving and reviewing the quotations. That is normal. Ask away, because this is what logistics partners are here for. Here are just a few questions that our clients usually bring up. We want

Characteristics of maritime transportation

Main characteristics of ship freight

Globalisation and the rise of e-commerce has led to an exponential increase in the import and export of goods in recent years, and maritime shipping has become the most in-demand transport method for the international movement of merchandise.   Worldwide, maritime logistics

Noatum Logistics - Warehousing & storage solutions

Cargo warehousing and storage solutions

Having one of the world’s largest container ships run aground on one of the world’s major shipping lanes has given us a taste of the perils of modern commerce. The global shipping industry and the internet have enabled just-in-time manufacturing,