Railway Advantages

Railway Advantages

Since its emergence in the 19th century, railway transport has been one of the main means of transport for passengers and goods by land. At the time it was revolutionary for the economy and society, and today it is still

Airfreight market update

Airfreight update: second half of 2021

The current quarantine regulations for airports implemented by China have reduced airfreight capacity. The new rules affect the largest cargo airports in China such as Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Beijing, while there is a certain increase of volumes due to disruption in

Noatum eSolutions Case study

Crowdfunding Project Fulfilment: A Case Study

From a marvellous idea, a well-received crowdfunding campaign to a successful product development and a timely manufacturing process, they are many obstacles for a product start-up. The least you’d want to think about might be the aftermath, that is handling

Typhoon in Chins

Typhoon in China may affect shipping times

The Super Typhoon Chanthu with winds of 260kph passed through Shanghai this past Monday. Although the storm now has been downgraded from a super storm to a strong one, its impact was significant, seriously affecting port and airport operations.   Flights and

Advantages of road transport

Road Transport: the advantages and disadvantages

At Naotum, we have more than five decades of experience in commercial and freight transport, so we know in detail the advantages and the disadvantages of road transport. Here we give you the keys for you to evaluate and decide