Four things to consider before choosing airfreight

The fastest and most efficient way to transport things both domestically and internationally is by air. The difference in cost between air and sea transport is often quite significant. However, in some cases, this difference can be not only necessary but cost-effective. The Noatum Logistics Airfreight team will ensure both preparations of legal documentation and timely delivery of your cargo.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best delivery method for your business. Choosing air freight over sea freight can have a significant impact on your logistics in terms of speed, reliability and overall results, but what makes airfreight the best option?

  1. Speed

Is your cargo time-sensitive? Compared to sea, road and rail transport, air freight is undoubtedly the fastest mode of transport. Air freight is especially convenient for transporting goods over long distances due to its speed. Shipping your cargo by air from one continent to another usually takes only a few hours.

  1. Reliability

Air freight offers the most reliable service. Records show that scheduled flights rarely get cancelled and a vast majority reach their final destination successfully, so you have every chance to receive your parcel on time. This is a significant advantage over sea shipping.

  1. Rates

Transportation of goods by air is fast, but it is also costly. Even for the same distance, air freight is more expensive than any other mode of transport. This is because while air carriers use weight calculations, land and sea freight organizations use volume calculations. Fortunately, in recent years there have been a variety of services available to mitigate these high rates and in most cases, the short transit time makes this option very advantageous.

  1. Reaction

Businesses have the option to operate more reactively by responding to external events in real-time and strategizing accordingly when air freight is included in the supply chain.

When operating in a rapidly changing industry, there’s a need for a supply chain that can adapt, and with air freight, you can fulfil the rising demand for some items.


Air freight transportation, like every other mode of transportation, has advantages and disadvantages. Perishable food and valuables should be transferred by air because it is the safest option. However, all these benefits are not cheap, so you will have to spend more on them. And like with any other means of transportation, weather can affect schedules.

Noatum Logistics has an extensive network, and relationships with various airlines. Our knowledge and experience will streamline the entire process.

If you need air transport for goods to or from Spain, Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, or any of our 24 locations, we can coordinate multimodal solutions with air and ground transportation. Our team will tailor the best options with both the most effective method alongside the best value for money.