Agricultural Marketing Service Requires Organic Certificate

Effective March 19, 2024, the Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) National Organic Program (NOP) introduced an expanded organics rule to enhance the integrity of the organic supply chain.
Key points include:

  1. Mandatory Electronic NOP Import Certificate:
    • NOP Import Certificates will be required for any commodity imported into the United States that is being manifested, sold, marketed, or labeled organic.
    • NOP Import Certificates are required for organic commodities regardless of value or size and are not applicable for any de minimis exemptions under current U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations.
    • Organic exporters at origin must request an “electronic import certificate” from their organic certifier at the time of entry.
    • Importers must declare this certificate at the time of entry.
    • The certificate has a 21-digit number.
      • CBP requires either a certification or disclaimer for all organic products flagged.
  2. Certification Requirement:
    • All parties in the organic supply chain must be certified with some exceptions.
    • The goal is to strengthen oversight and enforcement of organic agricultural product production, handling, and sale.
  3. Harmonized Tariff System (HTS):
    • The USDA flags over 6,000 HTS numbers for various food types, animal feed, fibers, and textiles.
    • Tariffs are flagged as either AM7 (organic message set may be required) or AM8 (organic message set is required).
    • Importers must ensure proper NOP Import Certificates in advance and provide certificate numbers/copies to CBP.
  4. Resource for your organic product imports:
    Electronic Organic Import Certificates | Agricultural Marketing Service (

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