Congestion at main China airports due to covid

Congestion at main Chain airports due to covid

UPDATE 08/23/2021

Since last Friday, Auguts 20th, new restrictions are in place in China, particularly affecting exports and imports at the main airports, Shanghai and Beijing.

Due to the increasing cases of Covid, new three-week quarantines have been implemented for handling personnel in contact with foreign crews. This is mainly affecting passenger flights, but also several cargo departures. Some airlines have cancelled all flights to/from China (American) but most have partially cancelled (Turkish, Cargolux or Emirates), a situation that is causing bottlenecks and further fare increases.

Noatum Logistics still has its own slots for import and our agreements with the lines for export are still in place, but please note that for all airfreight requests to/from China, we will need as much advance notice as possible to block slots. Even then, bookings may take a few days longer than usual. In addition, fares will vary from previous weeks.

Please feel free to reach out to your representative to discuss and plan future bookings from this region or contact Noatum Logistics at