Upscaling your supply chain

new logistics technologies

Nowadays, companies are looking to the logistics supply chain as a means of differentiation. In this respect, developing a competitive advantage requires optimising distribution logistics to its highest level of performance by digitising processes.

For this reason, many technologies have been developed and applied directly to the logistic operations, in order to meet both the clients need for information and the suppliers need for optimisation of processes.



The market is increasingly demanding to know the origin of the products it consumes, and the Blockchain is the right technology to provide this information in an accurate, detailed and transparent way. Blockchain is a distributed database technology that holds records of digital information with transparency, security and works without a controlled central organ.

There are currently logistics tools built on Blockchain that offers complete visibility of the logistics distribution chain, making it possible to track, record, validate and certify the quality of operations carried out in stages such as manufacturing, production, transport and storage.


Internet of Things

With IoT, all the elements involved in logistics distribution are interconnected with each other: machinery, vehicles, people, devices, products, etc. Thus, the different stages of the logistics distribution chain can be managed in a synchronised, automated and error-free manner.


Satellite tracking system

This allows both customers and logistics managers to be informed about the status of orders. In this way, companies maintain better control of deliveries and buyers can be reassured about the whereabouts of their products.


Today, the logistics distribution chain must adapt to the dynamism of a changing, demanding and informed market. It is importat to have technologies that optimise processes and help you achieve a high quality product and service to the end customer.

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