Road Transport: the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of road transport

At Naotum, we have more than five decades of experience in commercial and freight transport, so we know in detail the advantages and the disadvantages of road transport. Here we give you the keys for you to evaluate and decide if this is the type of logistics that best suits your needs.


Road transport, advantages and disadvantages

Like everything else, any type of transport offers its pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages depend largely on each company’s specific logistics and distribution needs.  However, there are some general guidelines that you should be aware of.


Main advantages of road transport


It is the most profitable

Road transport is the cheapest means of transport available. The main reason is that a truck is not as expensive as a ship or a place, and it does not require a large specific infrastructure such as ports, stations, or airports.


It is the fastest and most agile

Although other means are faster, road transport is much more agile.

The preparation of the shipment and the start-up of the service is much more immediate, and it makes it the most efficient option for short and medium distances of up to 2,500 km.


Flexibility of schedules and volumes

Planes, trains, or ships have a rigid pre-determined schedule and pre-fixed routes. Road transport, on the other hand, offers greater flexibility to adapt to delivery times and to adapt to delivery times and quantity of packages, with options such as groupage transport. Unlike air transport, which prohibits the transport of dangerous or special goods, road transport has no limitations. By truck it is possible to ship flammable or toxic products, cold products, heavy machinery, small packages, etc. (you name it!)


Maximum traceability

GPS and new fleet management software make it easy to always locate and track goods. In addition to real-time information, this makes it possible to anticipate problems such as road closures or the arrival of storms.


Door-to-door service

The trailer loads the goods at the same dock of the company that carries out the shipment and unloads them with maximum guarantees at the destination warehouse. IT is a direct service that does not require other means, ideal for the transport of perishable goods.


Easy paperwork

Compared to sea or air transport, the paperwork involved in road transport is much simpler. The time spent at customs or on delivery of the goods is much shorter, streamlining the business supply chain.


Disadvantages of road transport


Accident rate

Road transport has the highest accident rate, but the sector is reducing it by investing heavily in safety, renewing fleets and training drivers.


Less load capacity

Even modern mega-trucks, with a capacity of about 60 tons, are much more limited than a ship, a train, or a plane. This makes it much more cost-effective to use another alternative for shipping large quantities of goods.


Traffic restrictions

Traffic jams, especially on access to cities and industrial estates, can lead to delays in delivery. However, professionals are increasingly relying on technological assistants to anticipate these incidents and choose alternative routes.


If you have any questions, Naotum Logistics offers you reliable and cost-effective transportation services adapted to your needs.