New WEEE & RoHS Directives in Spain

RD 993/2022

Dear customers,


As of 16 January 2023, two new import inspections will apply with the publication of RD 993/2022:

ROHS (Destruction of Hazardous Substances)

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

The goods affected are Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), Batteries, Accumulators and Batteries (PPAA) these controls will be carried out by the inspection service. A list of the tariff headings of the products affected is attached.

In order to make the customs declaration of the goods subject to these controls, it will be necessary to comply with the series of requirements detailed below to be able to pass all the controls required by the regulations.

For the telematic management of ROHS and WEEE control requests, the following will be implemented:

  1. SINGLE CUSTOMS WINDOW (SPOE- Single Point of Entry) through the web services enabled by the AEAT for sending and receiving information:
  2. USING THE FORMS ENABLED BY THE AEAT for sending information to the SPOE, by accessing the AEAT’s Electronic Headquarters:

Different procedures will be followed to obtain ROHS and WEEE certification, but it will be essential to pass these controls before import clearance. The control will be carried out by the SOIVRE Inspection Service.


  • ROHS – via DOCUCICE if the database that has been set up (it is voluntary) is to be used to register the products affected by the ROHS control, where the documentation can be uploaded, and the reference can be indicated to speed up the controls Documentation to be provided:
      1. Declaration of compliance
      2. Technical Documentation: Test reports on the final product, supplier declaration and component traceability document, etc… Restricted and ROHS-controlled substances and maximum tolerable concentration values by weight in homogeneous materials:
        • LEAD (0.1%)
        • MERCURY (0.1%)
        • CADMIUM (0.01%)
        • Hexavalent CHROMIUM (0.1%)
        • PHTHALATES (0.1%)
  • WEEE – Importers trading with Electrical and Electronic Equipment, as well as Batteries and storage batteries in Spain, must be registered in the Integrated Industrial Register – (An authorised representative may be appointed for registration purposes, as well as one not established in Spain).
      • Must be registered in the RII (Registro Integrado Industrial).
      • RII number on invoices and SOIVRE application (visible inclusion of the WEEE and/or RPy A number on the import documentation).
      • Declaration of the units placed on the market
      • Marking of the separate collection symbol on the products



  • Ensure compliance with the obligations of registration (RII)
  • Ensure that products are in conformity with the ROHS legislation and hold technical documentation.
    • Whether the products have been tested and measured to demonstrate their conformity with the established requirements
    • whether they have been assessed by a harmonised standard (e.g., EN IEC 63000:2018).


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