Covid-19: Your essential partner in UK

As countries around the world increasingly adopt sweeping measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the UK has announced enhanced measures to restrict movement, for a period of at least three weeks.

The UK’s supply chain is critical, particularly during this period of uncertainty, which is why the government is committed to keeping port and airports open to cargo and why Noatum Logistics personnel have been nominated as ‘essential workers’ in maintaining supply chain operation.

At Noatum Logistics UK, we continue to import and export cargo, by every mode and remain totally committed to protecting our customers during this difficult period.

The surge in consumer demand over the last two weeks has come at a time when importers are still waiting for fresh inventory following the Lunar New Year/Coronavirus shutdown of factories in China. Noatum Logistics eSolutions has been essential in satisfying much of this demand, with direct to consumer courier services, while our weekly LCL services from Hong Kong and China are invaluable for importers seeking dependable transport solutions to meet demand.

As the UK progresses through this period of enhanced restrictions, we are anticipating port congestion which, in addition to delays, may result in additional charges for importers and exporters.

For importers that want to slow down, or delay orders for a period of time, our international Supply Chain (ISC) team have a number of ‘upstream’ solutions that can flex the supply chain, to suit receiving DC operations.