Listening to our customers to keep on improving

Our customer satisfaction program is an important part of our overall strategy, in which we evaluate the performance of our operations in different areas, from conception, including administrative aspects, to execution and customer experience.

To measure our performance, a survey is distributed via e-mail to our clients. This survey is composed of 19 questions divided into 7 categories: NPS, CES, CSAT, Generic Market Questions, Customer Service Experience, Service Experience and Closing.

We emphasize understanding the attributes that companies value most when selecting a supply chain supplier. Our measurement scale is based on service experience ratings.

NL Customer Satisfaction 2023

customer satistaction

What do we do with the results?

We perform a thorough analysis of the surveys and feedback received from our customers, process data from all our regions of activity and produce a comprehensive summary of all relevant results. This information helps us to gain an external perspective of the service and keep our strategies up to date with market needs, as well as the particular needs of each industry and/or region.
After data collection, we develop strategies that are shared with our teams and discuss their correct implementation for the following operational periods.

Action plan

Survey results are shared and implementation of new strategies begins in the second quarter of the year. Teams in each region are responsible for ensuring compliance with the new objectives and following up with customers who have responded to the survey and improving their experience with our services, if applicable.
We thank all customers who have participated in this survey and contributed to the improvement of our service.

Should you want to contribute to improve our service, please answer the following question: