Why Outsource Apparel Fulfillment Service?

Aparell efulfillment

Running an eCommerce fashion business is a considerable challenge. Apparel fulfillment is much far different than other types of retail products, and it’s critical to have an experienced fulfillment service provider. Today, we’ll dive into the importance of working with a 3PL.


Order Fulfillment Process

Being able to handle a high number of SKUs is essential to most online stores selling apparels.  To ensure a seamless order fulfillment process, having the right technology and systematic processes in place are necessary. You can benefit from the resources of a 3PL to streamline the whole fulfillment process from inbound, to storage, pick & pack and distribution without making a major capital or labor investment. It is crucial to deliver products seamlessly to make your brand and service stand out.


Value Added Services

It’s helpful to work with 3PL who provides a wide array of value-added services such as steaming, ironing, folding, hanging, labeling and more. You then can save the time and cost on hiring, training, and managing workers. To meet rising customer expectations as well as to present an excellent branding, you should find a 3PL that offers customized solutions to get your products configured to your special requirements and customers’ needs.


Apparel Returns Management

Every apparel fulfillment service needs to take high return rate into account. Returns on apparels are usually more than other consumer goods. An experienced 3PL applies systematic procedure to process returns quickly and easily, updating inventory with proper follow up of the returned items such as repair, return to the shelf, send to the supplier, etc.


A partner with profound experience in apparel fulfillment will help to streamline order fulfillment process and improve inventory management while reducing the operation and shipping costs. Choose the right 3PL who understands the complexities of the online fashion industry to support your eCommerce business. Reach out to Noatum eSolutions team today and let us make apparel fulfillment a much more simplified task for your eCommerce business.