Webinar: Trade regulations in USA – 2021

Have you heard about the recent developments on trade and customs Law Enforcement in the US?

Kevin Ekstrand, Vice President of Trade Compliance at Noatum Logistics US, will be collaborating with Husch & Blackwell on a webinar June 29th, addressing False Claims Litigation and Forced Labor Detentions in the US.

The latest changes in trade and customs law are resulting into new disputes and enforcement activities under the False Claims Act and under statutory and regulatory provisions prohibiting the import of goods targeted by Customs for forced labor concerns. The recent enforcement activities and certain amendments to the law have made these areas a new concern to many in the importing community.

This webinar will review the main principles of law, assess the business risks and discuss ways to avoid the severe assessments, penalties and results that can result from adverse findings.

Registrations are now open.