Characteristics of maritime transportation

Main characteristics of ship freight

Globalisation and the rise of e-commerce has led to an exponential increase in the import and export of goods in recent years, and maritime shipping has become the most in-demand transport method for the international movement of merchandise.   Worldwide, maritime logistics

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Cargo warehousing and storage solutions

Having one of the world’s largest container ships run aground on one of the world’s major shipping lanes has given us a taste of the perils of modern commerce. The global shipping industry and the internet have enabled just-in-time manufacturing,

Webinar: Trade regulations in USA – 2021

Have you heard about the recent developments on trade and customs Law Enforcement in the US? Kevin Ekstrand, Vice President of Trade Compliance at Noatum Logistics US, will be collaborating with Husch & Blackwell on a webinar June 29th, addressing False