Suspension of Feeder Service between China Pearl River Delta and Shenzen

suspension feeder service

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Chinese Government in relation to the application of the quarantine by Covid19, we are sending you the most updated information about the Feeder service.

This service is temporarily suspended between the inland ports of southern China via the Pearl River Delta and the ports of the Shenzhen area, including all its terminals: Nansha and Hong Kong.

This situation, which will last from January 15, 2021 to February 23, 2021 (although these dates could change for the time being), mainly affects the crews of the ships operating in the area, which will have to be quarantined according to the official measures issued by China.

As a consequence, all merchandise scheduled to leave the inland port will be affected, and in this case will have to be transported by truck.

From Noatum, we inform you that we are working and investing resources to minimize the impact that this measure may cause, also contacting the suppliers of our customers to facilitate the relevant steps that affect this disruption and avoid any issue related to the transport and operations that are not carried out in the agreed conditions.

As for the affected ports, we refer to the following:

Affected Ports
Beihai Beicun Leliu Shunde – New port
Chiwan Beijiao Lianhuashan Taiping
DachanBay Civet LongTong Waihai
Fangcheng Doumen Mafang Xintang
Guigang Foreign Trade Nangang Yunfu – New Port
Haikou Gaolan Nanwei / Dongfa Zhaoqing New Port
Qinzhou Gaoming Qingyuan Zhongshan Huangpu
Shekou Gaosha Rongqi
Shenwan GOCT / NICT Sanbu
Wuzhou Gongyi Sanrong / Gaoyao
Xiaolan Heshan Sanshan
Xinhui Hongwan Sanshui New Port
Yangpu Huadu Shantou
Yantian Huangpu Shatian
Zhanjiang Jiaoxin Shilong
Zhongshan Gang Jiujiang Shuidong


With the aim of reducing as much as possible the inconveniences and interruptions caused by this, you will receive constant information and updates. In addition, we offer you a hotline at, through which we will resolve any incidents that may arise in real time.