The recovery of the economic activity starts at Shanghai after the ease of Covid restrictions

The Shanghai’s two-month lockdown was lifted on Wednesday June 1st, although there are still some areas designated as “high risk” by the government and 2 million people remain confined to their homes.

Businesses and shops are allowed to reopen but China’s zero tolerance policy remains intact, so we have to be cautious with any news coming from the country.

The good news is the transportation and logistics operations are resumed since the ending of the lockdown although it will take some time yet to be back to normal. Delays for departures and arrival and longer waiting times are expected at least for the next month.

These are the main headlines regarding current operations situation for Shanghai area:


  • Pickup within the city is back to normal but permit is still requested for trucks driving into Shanghai.
  • Freight rates are rising as factories re-open and goods start to move.
  • It’s possible to find more hauliers with a licence, although prices are more expensive.
  • About 80% of freighter flights are back at Shanghai.


  • Warehouses are fully functional and operations have resumed normally
  • Special traffic permit for trucking is still required for some nearby cities as per local government policy
  • Terminals resumed operation and vessel delay is 3-5 days caused by port congestions.

The Noatum Logistics team is at your disposal at all times to evaluate current and future operations and will keep you updated as the situation evolves. Don’t’ hesitate to contact your local agent for further information.