Operating your own warehouse or outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment?

Outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment

Operating your own warehouse or outsourcing the fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider? This is a long-debated topic. Keep reading to find out which is the best decision for your eCommerce business!


Owning and operating a warehouse

Operating your own warehouse gives you 100% control of it, you can make any changes such as equipment, warehouse management and operation procedure at any time to respond to business demands. If your business is small, you can even convert the unused space into an office to fully utilize the warehouse space. However, owning a warehouse is a big investment – manpower, time, and money. It could be a difficult task to streamline your warehouse operation in order to optimize productivity and reduce cost. If you don’t have enough people and cash flow, this probably is not a good option.


Hiring a 3PL provider

3PL provides a wide range of services which includes warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, etc. It is cost and time effective to use 3PL services as you only need to pay for the required space with less start-up time and management compared to owning a warehouse. Moreover, some warehouses are equipped with advanced warehouse technologies such as autonomous mobile robots, security systems and warehouse management systems. You can benefit from all these smart technologies with less investment. Since you don’t own the warehouse, you have less control of it and cannot make changes to it to swiftly adapt to the new demands of your business. Yet, you’re more flexible to change to a new warehouse.


So, what is your preference? If you’re thinking about hiring a 3PL provider, Noatum eSolutions could be the best fit for you!


A warehouse solution for eCommerce business – eFulfillment

Noatum eFulfillment is a one-stop warehouse solution designed for eCommerce business. Our solutions include but are not limited to warehousing, fulfillment and last mile delivery service, helping businesses to reduce infrastructure and logistical cost. As our Cloud-based Warehouse Management System integrates APIs of e-commerce developers and carriers, it ensures the accuracy of inventory as well as improves the operation efficiency. Our experienced and dedicated warehouse team always makes sure the day-to-day operations of our warehouses run smoothly.


We customize our solution to meet clients’ different standards and requirements. Talk to us to find out more: esolutionsinfo@noatumlogistics.com