Online fashion sales, set to soar!

fashion sales

The pandemic changed our lives, and caused online fashions sales to slump for the first time in years. However, the market is set to make a comeback and reach $672.71 billion by 2023.

We wanted to share what online shoppers are looking for in terms of delivery, to help you have your best year of sales ever!

Whilst customers are more accepting of having to pay for shipping, they still don’t want to overpay. Generally, UK Next Day should be no more than £6, and UK Standard delivery no more than £4. E-tailer giants such as ASOS, are paving the way and only offering free next day shipping over a certain sales threshold.

Only 16% of online sellers personalise and automate tracking communications to their customer. Tracking is something that has proven extremely important to consumers over the last few years and has amplified during and post-pandemic. Tracking is another touchpoint between you and your customer, not enough businesses are taking advantage of this interaction.

Almost every second, an EU customer will abandon their cart due to ‘unknown or slower than expected’ shipping times.

Delivery information should be displayed in several locations on your website, our suggestions are:

  1. Banner across the homepage stating you deliver to customers country
  2. Dedicated Delivery/Returns Page
  3. FAQ’s page
  4. At checkout


Displaying this information at checkout is the most effective, as it finalises the customers online journey. Only 20% of e-tailers display this information at checkout, so get ahead of your fashion competitors and do this now!

Returns are too often viewed as ‘refunded revenue’ rather than ‘loss of initial sale’. Purchasing online, takes away the ‘tangible’ element to shopping, which naturally means an increased return rate online vs in-store. By not offering an adequate returns process, you could be losing out on upto 50% of your captive audience. You invest into marketing, SEO, packaging, products, website optimization and then lose a sale because of returns, do not make this mistake!


So, how can Noatum e-Solutions help?

  1. We offer you multiple delivery providers, consolidated into one account. This combines all your volume, strengthening your buying power, without weakening your offering.
  2. Cloud based delivery software, integrating all your selling platforms with our delivery partners, for seamless label creation and tracking communication
  3. Returns management solution, offering your customers access to a company branded portal, that looks and feels like part of your website.
  4. Strategic partnership to aid with growth and offer expert advice in logistics.


Contact and allow us to support you through the ever-changing delivery landscape.




Sendcloud E-commerce Delivery Compass 2021/2022