Noatum Logistics Türkiye celebrates 35 years!

The Noatum Logistics branch in Türkiye celebrates its 35th anniversary, an incredible milestone for both the Group and our colleagues in this country.

For the commemoration of this day, we have prepared a short video with the assistance of our people in these offices, for them to tell the story of our Group in Türkiye and share their recipe for success.

The story of Noatum Logistics Türkiye began 35 years ago- then it was known as Komet- and later in 2015, it was acquired by Noatum, as a part of a growth plan that led us to expand our group to an international sphere.

Noatum Logistics Türkiye signified a very important addition to our business model since this region represents a key location for international trade and logistics worldwide. Our team in Türkiye has been capable to maintain our reputation in the logistic sector and grow our operations in the country to the point we had opened many new offices to better serve our activities in the region.

Many years of experience and work well done, translates into the satisfaction of clients and employees, who have shared in a video their sincere congratulations and appreciation for being part of this Group. The story of Noatum Logistics Türkiye is the story of colleagues turned into friends and family, committed to steering together into excellence.

We’d like to congratulate our Türkiye team for this great accomplishment, this is without a doubt all about you. It is your hard work and commitment to the Group that has led us to the success we can enjoy today and we hope to keep growing in success together for many years to come.

Happy anniversary Noatum Logistics Türkiye!