Noatum Logistics is in the Top 50 of Ocean and Air Freight Forwarders once again this year

Noatum Logistics is in the Top 50 of Ocean and Air Freight Forwarders

For the second consecutive year, Noatum Logistics has been included in the Top 50 Logistics Companies lists produced by the North American publication Transport Topics, repeating its position #38 of the previous year in the Ocean Freight ranking, and reaching position #46 for Airfreight.

After a complex year, in which the management of the consequences of the pandemic has been a major challenge for the logistics sector, Rafael Torres, CEO of Noatum Logistics, says that “We are very proud to receive this prestigious recognition once again. We have been able to react in an environment of great uncertainty and stress, which makes us even more satisfied to receive this news, which is a further example of our commitment to continue offering our clients innovative and high-quality logistics solutions.”

Noatum Logistics has an extensive global network, with a presence in 25 countries and 97 locations, which is made up of more than 1,700 specialised professionals focused on offering advice and personalised solutions for clients’ supply chains. The challenges of 2020 have led the Noatum Group’s division specialising in logistics, international transport and customs to increase its range of alternative solutions, which ensure the timely delivery of any type of cargo, anywhere in the world and under the most optimal conditions.

Innovative projects have been launched as a result of this commitment, such as the new logistics centre in Medway (London), which is highly automated and uses the latest technology to cope with the new requirements of electronic commerce, and the creation of new Sea-Air/Rail-Air combined transport services to maintain stability on supply routes.

Noatum Logistics’ dedication and high levels of service excellence have enabled it to reach volumes of 307,000 maritime containers per year and 56,000 metric tons in airfreight. These figures have led to its inclusion in the prestigious Transport Topics lists.