Noatum Logistics Spain renews Efficiency Network certification

efficiency network

Noatum Logistics Spain is proud to announce that it has successfully renewed its Port of Barcelona Quality Brand Certification for the period of 30/06/2023 – 30/06/2025. This certification reflects Noatum Logistics’ commitment to efficiency, integrity, and security in port operations and highlights our dedication to providing top-quality logistics services.

The Port of Barcelona follows various initiatives to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of containerised goods transportation. One of these initiatives is the Port of Barcelona Efficiency Network certification, this certification is granted after a thorough analysis of 50 objective indicators that assess the efficiency and reliability of processes carried out by customs agents and freight forwarders. It also evaluates the transparency of information provided to end customers and the integrity and security of goods throughout the entire port operation.

The Efficiency Network includes a monitoring committee that evaluates and analyses the processes of certified companies and relevant port operation entities, such as customs, border inspection services, Soivre, and the Port Authority.

To maintain certification, Noatum Logistics undergoes an annual certification audit and quarterly follow-up audits to demonstrate compliance with the established quality and efficiency standards. This demonstrates our commitment to meeting the highest standards of efficiency, agility, and transparency.

Companies certified by the Efficiency Network commit to specific requisites, including collecting containers within two hours of the agreed-upon time with the exporter, completing customs clearance within specified timeframes, loading containerized goods on schedule, and more. These commitments ensure that customers receive reliable and efficient logistics services.

Noatum Logistics Spain’s successful renewal of the Port of Barcelona Quality Brand Certification reaffirms the company’s position as a leader in the logistics industry.