Noatum Logistics Chile is DGAC certified!

We take great pride in announcing that the Noatum Logistics Chile office has been accredited by the DGAC, Chile for the movement of air cargo through Santiago Airport. The accreditation is a testament to our commitment to safety and security in the logistics industry.

The DGAC initiated a new process to improve the security of air cargo, which involves various stakeholders, including exporters, transporters, agencies, and service providers, to ensure the effectiveness of the National Program of Civil Aviation Security. It aims to promote the supply chain of cargo and airmail, highlighting the economic development opportunities that arise from national and international distribution chains.

At Noatum Logistics, we understand the importance of securing air cargo and promoting the growth of the international trade industry. This accreditation recognizes our efforts in ensuring the efficiency and safety of our operations while contributing to the economic development of the region. We believe that our commitment to innovation and strategic growth will enable us to continue leading the logistics industry.