Noatum Logistics: a logistics operator on an international level

Noatum Logistics

Noatum Logistics is a leading international global logistics operator, positioned in the Top 50 freight forwarders worldwide.

Its network of offices spans 24 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In addition, it is backed by a team of 3,250 professionals who are experts in finding the most suitable logistics solutions for each client and each operation. In addition, Noatum Logistics is present in 158 agent offices around the world and boasts 30 warehouses with a total of 675,000 m2 of storage capacity.

Noatum Logistics is known for its service excellence and broad portfolio of solutions which covers all its clients’ needs across the transport and logistics spectrum.


Transport management

Efficiency, safety, speed and cost-effectiveness are the four main commitments of Noatum Logistics in its freight and freight management services.

These services include a wide range of transit times and flexible routing options which Noatum integrates with a wide range of additional solution both at origin and destination. No matter what type of goods are involved, the transport is customised to the needs of each client, thereby ensuring that the goods are always managed safely and on time. The ultimate goal is always to facilitate a smoothly functioning supply chain.

Noatum’s local teams liaise with suppliers to arrange collection or product delivery using multimodal transport, including sea, air, road or rail.


Integrated Logistics

Noatum Logistics offers its clients integrated management of their logistics chain, from warehousing to transport and value-added services; and from production to distribution at the final point of sale. To do so, the organisation always uses the latest infrastructure, technology and information systems, continuously adapting to the new trends and applications required by the markets and taking into account sustainability and excellence criteria. For example, storage solutions can be placed in a dedicated or multi-customer environment, with temperature control and special handling designed according to the specific requirements of each industry.


Noatum’s tailor-made integrated management solutions for all types of industries cover the entire stock management process: from production line services to warehousing, distribution and inventory management with constant monitoring of stock, stock entries, quantity counts, etc.


Customs and international trade

Noatum Logistics helps companies navigate the challenges of international trade, reduce costs and optimise the efficiency of their operations worldwide. Our team’s key market differentiators include:


Global customs services manage more than 145,000 customs clearances worldwide;

International trade management (GTM) services, with import and export consultancy;

Advice on the implementation of international trade compliance programmes, inclusive of import duty mitigation consultancy to help minimise duty payments and maximise profit margins;

– International trade consulting to improve business efficiency; and,

Supply chain security consulting to reduce risk, speed-up customs clearance, minimise inspections and streamline the supply chain journey.


In short, Noatum Logistics is a leading international logistics operator offering the widest range of solutions to its customers. Contact our team to find out how we can help move your business forward.