Full Lockdown in Malaysia from 1-14 June 2021

Lockdown in Malaysia

The Malaysian Prime Minister has announced a Country Lockdown, resulting in all economic and social activities to be restricted, with the exception of a few economic sectors and services that will be allowed to operate during the total lockdown, under Movement Control Order 3.0, which will be effective from 1-14 June 2021.

There are 17 manufacturing and manufacturing-related services sectors that are allowed to operate under the Movement Control Order during the full lockdown:

  • Food and beverage, including for animals
  • Animal clinics and veterinary
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Security and defence
  • Waste management and public cleaning
  • Land, air and water transport
  • Docks, airports and transport related to cargo and commodities
  • Communications, including media, telecommunications and internet services
  • Banks, insurance, takaful and the capital markets
  • Community credit, such as pawnshops
  • E-commerce
  • Fuel and lubricants
  • Hotels for quarantine purposes only
  • Construction and critical infrastructure works
  • Forestry

Logistics and Supply Chain are operating under the Ministry of Transport. All Customs, SeaPort and Airports are operating but delays are to be expected, due SOP and longer slower process. Border Custom Johor/Singapore & BKH/Thailand are open with Strict SOP processes.

All subsectors of manufacturing are restricted, with the exception of aerospace (for components and maintenance, repair and overhaul), F&B, packaging and printing (related to the F&B or medical sector), cleaning products, as well as health and medical.

Manufacturing and MRS sectors are allowed to operate, to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain of critical parts, components and finished products.

To date, all Noatum Malaysia employees and their families are safe.