Excitement of the America’s Cup in Barcelona

Noatum Logistics is delighted to announce its leading role in the logistics management of three renowned teams participating in the upcoming America’s Cup, which promises to thrill Barcelona this August. Our partnership with these teams from the USA, the UK and France underlines our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of the maritime industry.

The America’s Cup, known as the oldest trophy in the history of international sport, represents the pinnacle of excellence in yachting. This regatta attracts the best sailors and teams from around the world to compete in a series of thrilling races that test the skill, strategy and endurance of the competitors. This year, the Cup comes to Barcelona, for its 37th edition.

In an exciting development, the world’s largest cargo plane, an Antonov, landed at Barcelona Airport on 25 March, carrying one of the team’s prized racing yachts. This remarkable vessel, measuring over 28 metres in length and over 4 meters high, underwent meticulous ground transportation orchestrated by Noatum Logistics, from Barcelona Airport to its base in the port of Barcelona.

This landmark event not only displayed the scale of our logistics capabilities but also highlighted our dedication to precise planning and execution.

Facilitating the Transport of America’s Cup Teams

GAC Pindar / Olly Smith

With years of experience in managing complex logistics operations, Noatum Logistics is proud to handle the needs logistics for world-renowned teams participating in high-profile sporting events such as the America’s Cup. Our commitment to excellence and efficiency has positioned us as a trusted partner in delivering customised logistics solutions.

From coordinating schedules and routes to managing permits and customs clearance, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring smooth and safe air, sea & road transportation for priceless equipment and assets.

Over the past year, we have provided a range of services to GAC Pindar, the marine leisure, sports and events division of GAC Group, with some currently ongoing:

Last summer, a maritime charter arrived for one of the teams, facilitating the arrival of their training vessel along with several support boats and equipment. Our team ensured smooth operations by boarding some of the staff onto the vessel and providing on-site assistance at the terminal for any additional needs.

For the preliminary events in Jeddah and Vilanova, we managed the transportation of the AC40 yacht, which will be used by female and young competitors. Also, we received a boat in Tarragona, optimising costs and time by delivering it via sea.

We are currently providing modular rental services for the K-Challenge team, supplying amenities such as dressing rooms, portable toilets, and showers to enhance their facilities.

At Noatum Logistics, we understand the critical importance of every step in the logistic process and are committed to exceeding expectations every step of the way. Our dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as a leader in the industry.


Noatum Logistics: Supporting The America’s Cup

In the high-stakes world of competitive sailing, where precision and reliability are paramount, GAC has placed its trust in Noatum Logistics to deliver exceptional logistical support. With Noatum Logistics GAC is leveraging a competitive advantage that sets them apart from their rivals.

When we were aware GAC would be handling this event, we engaged in discussions with them to secure our involvement and have benefited greatly with introductions to supply local services directly to three teams competing in the America’s Cup. One key aspect that sets Noatum Logistics apart is its extensive global network and expertise in managing complex logistical operations. With a presence in over 120 countries and a deep understanding of international shipping regulations, Noatum Logistics has the capability to seamlessly coordinate the transportation of equipment, supplies, and personnel wherever they may be in the world. Our work with GAC ensures that the teams can focus on their training and preparation without worrying about the logistics of moving their equipment from one location to another.
Thanks to GAC, our presence on this exciting project is a testament to our commitment to operational excellence and exceptional customer service. At Noatum Logistics, we are delighted to play an active role in the success of the America’s Cup and look forward to continuing to provide world-class logistics solutions for world-class sporting events in the future.

Furthermore, Noatum Logistics offers a wide range of value-added services that further enhance its value proposition for any client, offering customs brokerage, warehousing, freight forwarding, project cargo management, and a wide set of services and solutions. This holistic approach ensures that our clients have access to the resources and expertise they need to succeed.