e-logistics is a Game Changer

It is foreseeable after the Covid-19, e-commerce and e-logistics are taking over traditional commerce industries as consumers have already had a taste of the convenience of doing shopping and businesses online. The Covid-19 pandemic has become a thrust for e-commerce, which is also an opportunity for SMEs and start-up businesses.

According to the article published by Financial Express, logistics are no longer working in the background, but acting as a differentiator for the SMEs. For SMEs that are operating online businesses, adopting e-commerce and e-logistics is cutting 40% of their manpower. While these companies are able to shift their focuses from reducing expenses to improving services to their customers and clients.

e-logistics play as an important role in service improvement for SMEs. Visibility of cargo status is hugely upgraded with real time monitoring. SMEs are able to keep track on their cargo inventory, order fulfilment progress and delivery status in one click. This help companies manage their resources better and also give deep-dive analytics to enable better decision making.

SMEs might not be as resourceful as transnational firms, yet Noatum eSolutions is here to provide alternatives. Noatum eSolutions is an online logistics management platform that provides logistics solutions to all SMEs, not only limiting to e-commerce industry. Noatum eSolutions supports goods receiving, packaging, transporting and delivery tracking. On top of that, businesses owners are able to keep an eye on their inventory through a customized online system, everything is simply done on your fingertips. Technology is playing a crucial factor in improving logistic services, allowing Noatum eSolutions to take over the warehouses and shipping work, and reduce time and money spent on staff-training.

There is no doubt that logistics will be the game changer moving forward and Noatum eSolutions is here at your service.