Trade Agreement and Trade Program Consulting

There are approximately 420 trade agreements in force around the world. These agreements promote trade between countries by decreasing barriers to entry such as quotes, licenses, and tariffs.


Countries around the world seek to enter into bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements in order to encourage and facility trade between countries. These agreements decrease barriers to trade such as quotas, licenses, and tariffs in support of fair and free trade.

Noatum Logistics Trade Agreement and Trade Program Consulting services help our clients to take advantage of all applicable trade agreements. We educate and guide our clients through the often-complex qualification process. Our clients involve us in their sourcing process so they can make informed decisions that often effect their competitiveness globally.

  • Bilateral Trade Agreements
  • Multilateral Trade Agreements
  • Education / Training Programs
  • Product Qualifications
  • Supplier Sourcing

Why choose Noatum Logistics’ Global Trade Management


Our clients compete and thrive in global international business across their specialized sectors and verticals and they choose Noatum Logistics GTM services to help them navigate import and export regulation in today’s dynamic and increasingly complex world of global commerce.


The Noatum Logistics GTM team are true stewards of trade made up of trusted, passionate professionals and experts in trade compliance, supply chain management, global business intelligence and international business who work in partnership with our clients.

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