Case study – Air charter for the mining sector

Air transportation for the mining sector

Mining Company in Peru that urgently needed to replace a piece of equipment necessary to continue its activity without interruption.

The challenge

Our client needed to urgently ship two conveyor belts from Santiago de Chile to Lima. These conveyor belts are used to move the mineral extracted from the mine into the storage area. Due to their size and weight, more than 60 tonnes, it was necessary to study in detail what would be the best transport solution to deliver in the shortest possible time.


The strategy

Noatum Logistics analysed the best route and means of transport available to guarantee on-time delivery. At the time of the operation, Lima airport was heavily congested. An agile and well-coordinated management was key to the success of the operation.

The solution

Due to the weight and dimensions of the cargo, we opted for the solution of transporting it via Air Charter service using an Antonov model aircraft. The bundles were loaded onto the aircraft with a crane that picked them up directly from the trucks delivering to the airport and vice versa. Given the traffic congestion at Lima airport, coordination between the Noatum Logistics offices in Chile and Peru was essential to obtain the necessary authorisations for unloading in Air Group 8, a restricted area of the Peruvian air force that allowed unloading by crane.

The result

The delivery of the bundles was carried out satisfactorily, within the time established by the client, without interrupting its activity in any moment.