H2 2024: The Outlook for Air Freight

During the pandemic, analysts observed a clear link between ocean disruption and increased air freight demand, with shippers seeking certainty once-again by opting for air freight. As ocean freight rates nearing pandemic levels again, shipping reliability has been improving, despite localised

Strikes Threaten Supply Chains in the US, Canada, and Europe

With the labour contract negotiations for 45,000 dockworkers along the US East Coast cancelled by the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA), industrial action is more likely, as it is on the Canadian railways, while German port workers have already commenced strike

Import volumes to USA continue to grow

Sea-borne imports into the United States have grown by more than a quarter compared to pre-COVID 2019 levels and this at a time when the trade press is full of reports about deglobalization, near-shoring, and global economic tensions. Despite the stories

Challenging Times for Asia Export Trades

Asia’s export trades are as challenging today as they were during the pandemic, with extremely tight vessel space, equipment shortages, and port congestion leading to a surge in spot rates, which analysts forecast could reach stratospheric levels. Vessel schedule reliability from

Characteristics of maritime transportation

EU’s anti-trust action may not end Alliances

With the European Union’s surprise decision to end container shipping lines’ exemption from competition law in April next year, and imposing carbon taxes on them from January, European container shipping may have a challenging 2024. The abolition of the Consortia Block