Noatum Logistics makes innovative supply chain expertise available to mid-sized clients

//Noatum Logistics makes innovative supply chain expertise available to mid-sized clients

Tradicionalmente, a la hora de ofrecer servicios de optimización y control de la cadena de suministro, los proveedores de logística suelen centrarse en los clientes grandes. Aun así, cada vez son más las empresas de tamaño medio que buscan soluciones similares. No quieren a alguien que trabaje con los costes más bajos disponibles, sin más, sino que buscan una solución personalizada que les ayude a mejorar su éxito comercial.

Noatum Logistics aspires to be the preferred supply chain partner for such clients. We want to be their trusted advisor, and to execute their supply chains at best quality against acceptable costs.

In September our International supply chain (ISC) team met in Madrid. During four intense days, team members from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia exchanged best practices and defined ways to deliver supply chain value to our mid-sized clients. The team decided on a truly client centric approach. And committed to continue developing the knowledge, people, systems and tools that make this a reality already today.

We want to be the partner that enables the businesses of our mid-sized clients, continuously saving costs, optimizing time and improving quality. We listen to each of our clients’ individual needs. We then design and execute the best tailormade solution. This may comprise of any of our services across the end-to-end chain. Order- and vendor management services at origin are likely to be included, and also end-to-end visibility at shipment, order and SKU level. This helps to plan, optimize and control flexible execution of transportation, warehousing, customs and distribution services.

At Noatum Logistics we are ready more than ever to offer best in class global supply chain solutions that consistently deliver value to our clients.