Going beyond logistics: eStartup Solution

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The pandemic has accelerated the growth of eCommerce as customers have shifted to shopping online and this behaviour is likely to have lasting effects. While the eCommerce market expands, so does the competition. How to stand out competitively in this digital world?


Website Design & Development

The top priority in creating an eCommerce website is to deliver an excellent customer experience. Fewer clicks, more purchases. Giving an enjoyable and straightforward customer experience by ensuring your customers can get to desired products or information just in one or two clicks. Responsive website design is also a plus to provide an optimal user experience across different devices such as desktop, laptop, tablets as well as smartphone.


Customer Services

Customer service is also a part of the customer experience and it is the only interaction you can have with online shoppers at your eShop. A professional customer service can build up a good brand image, drive customer loyalty, and even generate sales. Make sure your team is well equipped with knowledge to provide fast, friendly and effective customer service.


Digital Marketing Strategy

To promote an eShop, you should maximize the digital presence and touchpoint of your brand. Everyone goes online, even your competitors do. Create a powerful marketing strategy and don’t be cliché to make your brand shine. Digital ads such as social media ads and search ads can be costly, you can narrow your target group and choose the best channel by understanding your customers’ behaviours in order to spend the budget more wisely.


Operation & Delivery

Putting an effective eCommerce operation and delivery strategy in place can differentiate your brand from competitors. “How long does it take to receive my order?”, “How much is shipping and handling for my order?”, These are the frequently asked questions from shoppers and they are always looking for free shipping with fast delivery. Try to offer the lowest shipping rates possible by working with logistics solutions providers, they usually offer the better rate with high flexibility than carriers.


Setting up an eCommerce business is not an easy task and it is unlikely to be done solo. Going beyond logistics, Noatum eSolutions rolled out eStartup to ensure every eCommerce starter is on the right track to success. From website development, to warehousing, logistics, marketing and even customer services, Noatum eStartup got you covered! Contact us to explore the possibilities now.