Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics consultancy service, analysis and design of the supply chain providing value for our clients.
  • Implementation and execution of designed solutions, maintaining a high level of Monitoring and oversight to ensure compliance with commitments and the delivery of value.
  • Innovative and effective solutions focused on cost savings.
  • Integration within a single solution adapted to your needs and systems
  • High level of control and visibility thanks to our IT tools: one-stop access for monitoring and oversight of the entire supply chain.
  • Service throughout the supply chain, from the source to the destination, through our wide range of services:
  • Supplier management
  • Purchase order management
  • Consolidation at source
  • Quality control and added value activities at source (classification, labelling, refitting, etc.)
  • International air, sea and land transport
  • Customs engineering
  • Deconsolidation at the destination
  • Storage and value-added activities
  • Distribution
  • Reverse Logistics

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