How we manage

//How we manage


The project of continuous improvement started in Noatum Logistics in 1995 when a quality management system was implemented and certified according to UNE EN ISO 9002:94 standard.


In the first years, its evolution was connected to its adaptation to posterior versions and, later, to applying continuous improvement to other management areas: Food Safety, Authorised Economic Operator for Customs simplification, Physical Safety in the logistics chain, 'port authorities' quality labels and quality instructions, among others.

Noatum Logistics, in line with the principles in Mission, Vision and Values, consider that the development of their Management Policy has been one of the factors to manage excellence, improving their efficacy and flexibility, as well as guaranteeing the right service for their customers' needs with integrity.



. Noatum Logistics we care for sustainability from a commercial, financial and environmental point of view, always paying attention to our visibility in the environment.

Noatum Logistics are in continuous growth and evolution and, at the same time, our customers, the society or the administration, among others, demand every day more responsibility to companies. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility is a key factor in the company's development and sustainability from a strategic perspective.

Regarding this and with the intention to all go towards the same objective, we have carried out a Code of Ethics that covers all the group's companies.

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