Warehousing & distribution

  • Bonded Warehouses in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia for different kind of products
  • Cross dock and distribution to the final customer
  • Picking and packing
  • Stock control, traceability
  • Facility licenses and permits adapted to product
  • Facility licenses and permits adapted to product
  • Added value to the whole supply chain

Temporary Bonded Warehousing

Quick withdrawal.

  • Warehousing under Customs control.
  • Permit change of status.
  • Bonded goods.
  • Bonded containers' unstuffing

Public Bonded Warehouse

Under suspension.

  • Time unlimited bonded warehousing. Duties and Taxes postponement.

Non-Customs Warehouses

Related-party transactions exempt from VAT (*).

  • Limited exclusively to:
  • Goods subject to Special Taxes
  • Specific raw materials
  • Goods coming from areas where VAT does not apply

(*) Goods from the EU or with Community status


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